As a child, my parents owned a local health food store

And we had a huge veggie garden. Although those health principles stayed with me from an early age, I wasn’t always entirely healthy.

Looking back, as a teenager, I always had issues with bloating, abdominal pain and gas. It wasn’t until my early twenties as it continued to worsen I had a sneaking suspicion I could be allergic to wheat, gluten or yeast. A blood test confirmed I had a moderate intolerance to gluten. Although this confirmed my suspicion, I didn’t eliminate these things immediately or completely from my diet and I reaped the consequences. I started to not only experience the previous symptoms but began to get an eczema-type rash around my eyes.

Finally, I saw a naturopath who tested me for Candida (gut yeast infection) and put me on a strict protocol for one month.

This was the best thing I ever did!

because it forced me to eliminate the things that were hurting my body, and allowed me to break the cycle and develop new habits in my eating.