I learnt a lot about different ways to sweeten foods naturally and developed a love of making raw vegan desserts!

I started to incorporate more organic produce, and less processed foods into my diet and started to believe and embrace the idea that my body is my temple.

These days, I rarely have anything containing refined sugar, I try to avoid all gluten and wheat, and I am careful about the animal products I eat. I eat a lot of fresh organic produce, make as much food from scratch as I can, and experiment all the time with new recipes and ways to create healthy, tasty & nutritious food.

I work out regularly, but I’ve learnt to train smarter not necessarily harder. I’ve realised weight gain and weight loss has more to do with the stress in my life, and the foods in my stomach than how much cardio I’m doing.  

I’ve finally found

a career I love!

and have eliminated unnecessary stress from my life by living my passion – helping change women's lives through training, support and education on all things mindset, food and fitness.

My experience is unique, as is yours, and there are so many ways to incorporate holistic health into your life starting now.