My Story

My name is Alisha Christie, and I live on the southern end of the Gold Coast with my wonderful husband Dan. 

My love of fitness began in high school with a Les Mills class. Ever since I’ve had a gym membership and a love of lifting weights. Over the years I’ve learnt A LOT from personal experience and various trainers and experts around different approaches to fitness. 

I will forever be a student, however I’ve come to believe fitness is not the be-all and end-all of being healthy. It’s got to start with how you feel about yourself, and how you feed your body.

I was blessed to be raised in a family where health was a priority. As a child, my parents owned al local health food store, and we had a huge veggie garden. Although those health principles stayed with me from an early age, I wasn’t always entirely healthy. 

Looking back, as a teenager, I always had issues with bloating, pain and gas. It wasn’t until my early twenties as it continued to worsen I had a sneaking suspicion I could be allergic to wheat, gluten or yeast. 

A blood test confirmed I had a moderate intolerance. Although this confirmed my suspicion, I didn’t eliminate these things immediately or completely from my diet and I reaped the consequences. I started to not only experience the previous symptoms but began to get an eczema-type rash around my eyes. 

Finally, I saw a naturopath who tested me for Candida (gut yeast infection) and put me on a strict protocol for one month. This was the best thing I ever did, because it forced me to eliminate the things that were hurting my body, and allowed me to break the cycle and develop new habits in my eating. 

I learnt a lot about different ways to sweeten foods naturally and developed a love of making raw vegan desserts! I started to incorporate more organic produce, and less processed foods into my diet and started to believe and embrace the idea that my body is my temple. 

These days, I rarely have anything containing refined sugar, I try to avoid all gluten and wheat, and I am careful about the animal products I eat.

I eat a lot of fresh organic produce, make as much food from scratch as I can, and experiment all the time with new recipes and ways to create healthy and tasty food. 

I work out regularly, but I’ve learnt to trainer smarter not necessarily harder. I’ve realised weight gain and weight loss has more to do with the stress in my life, and the foods in my stomach than how much cardio I’m doing.  

I’ve finally found a career I love, and have eliminated unnecessary stress from my life living my passion – helping change peoples lives through training, support and education on all things health and fitness. 

My experience is unique, as is yours, and there are so many ways to incorporate holistic health into your life starting now.


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My Approach To Living Abundantly

I believe health and fitness is not just about looking good on the outside, but feeling good on the inside. 

I’m passionate about empowering women to transform their lives and learn to live abundantly! However it’s not possible unless you’re healthy from the inside out.

I offer solutions focused on detoxing the body, forming clean eating habits, and exercising intelligently but I’m more than just a personal trainer. 

I help women transform and refocus their thinking from calories and weight to health and nutrition. It’s so important to develop a healthy relationship with food. Doing so is intricately connected to realising the truth – we are truly unique individuals, who are worth the effort it takes to live abundantly.

I take a holistic approach to health and fitness, and integrate not only food and exercise habits, but lifestyle habits, hormonal influences and relational impacts on health.

I personally advocate for a plant-based, whole foods diet, due to the extensive research on its benefits for the human body, as well as my personal experience with this approach. 

To me, nothing is more fulfilling than guiding women to invest in themselves and their health, and in return seeing them achieve things they never thought possible! 

I look forward to embarking with you on your journey toward abundant living. 

Leash x