7 Ways To Know If The Unleash 21 Day Challenge Is Perfect For You

Why Most Challenges Are A Waste Of Time

I actually detest most fitness/health challenges. Most of the ones I’ve seen and participated in before are focused on quick, short-term results, with restrictive eating guidelines, primarily external image-driven results, and a huge lack of practical education for long-term healthy habit change.

So many people get to the end of these kinds of challenges unsure of what to do next to maintain their results or how to keep up the often extreme training or dieting. Eventually all their hard work goes out the window and they’re back to square one again.

I knew that if I created a challenge, it had to be different. So that’s exactly what I did! The Unleash 21 Day Challenge is:

  • NOT a quick fix to weight loss

  • NOT a calorie-restrictive diet

  • NOT a hardcore fitness program

The Unleash 21 Day Challenge was created to kickstart holistic healthy habits through doable, daily actions that can easily turn into new lifestyle habits by the end of 21 days.

How The Challenge Works


The Unleash 21 Day Challenge aims to improve your thinking, eating and moving through simple daily habit-building actions. Each day includes a new mantra that you are to write, say out loud, believe, and take with you throughout your day. These mantras offer empowering words to lift your spirits, focus your intentions for the day, and keep your mind focused on your personal potential. The challenge also includes a a daily gratitude activity, best done at the beginning or end of your day where you are to journal or share what you are grateful for each day. We get creative with this each new round in the challenge Facebook group.

Next, the challenge has a daily 5-minute movement component based on one of four types of accelerator workouts (all explained in the eBook). These are simple, yet effective bodyweight workouts that, although short, will have your heart pumping by the time 5 minutes is up. You do have the option of repeating the exercises for longer than 5 minutes. The purpose of the movement component, however, is more about internally moving our bodies daily so that it becomes habit than about the exercises themselves or the amount of time.

Finally, the challenge empowers healthier eating through a simple daily greens challenge - adding more greens to your meals. A big list of green foods is included in the eBook, along with recipes and meal tips to get your kitchen-creative juices flowing and your meals abounding with greens! This ramps up in the third week to the option of having one green smoothie a day. The challenge also has the option of incorporating intermittent fasting as well, which has been shown to have significant impact on stubborn fat loss and increased metabolism.

The 21 Day Challenge can be done individually of course, however the group challenge is so much more powerful because of the camaraderie, support & accountability offered by doing it with others on the same journey. This is what the exclusive Facebook group is for - check-ins, sharing recipe ideas, hearing each others gratitude list, and feeling the support of doing life with others. Hence why the challenge is “think, eat & move better together.”

So What Results Can I Expect From Completing The Challenge?

As mentioned, this challenge is not about a quick fix to weight loss, calorie restriction or hard core training. It’s about changing lifestyle habits for the long term - meaning, the results will last and continue to improve long after the initial 21 days!

Here’s what you can expect from doing the 21 Day Challenge:

  • Increased confidence & self-worth

  • Healthier, more positive mindset

  • Increased nutrient content

  • More energy

  • Fat loss

  • Decreased sugar cravings

  • A fitter & stronger body

How To Know If This Challenge Is Really For Me or Not?

It’s really quite simple. This challenge is NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix to lose weight

  • You aren’t willing to prioritise your health & wellbeing

  • You don’t want to change the way you eat

  • You enjoy being miserable & living with constant, negative toxic self-talk

  • You are already super fit, never struggle with negative thoughts, and eat a perfectly balanced, nutrient-dense diet

Here’s 7 Reasons The Unleash 21 Day Challenge Is Perfect For You:

  1. If you are fed up with experiencing the weight gain/weight loss, yo-yo dieting merry-go-round

  2. If you are ready to make achievable lifestyle changes AND continue with them beyond 21 days

  3. If you need to get started again with holistic healthy mindset, food & exercise after having a long break from it (or never really starting)

  4. If you know you are worth the effort, energy & investment it takes to take care of yourself and your body/mind/soul

  5. If you like doing life together and journeying with like-minded women

  6. If you want to experience more confidence, energy, and happiness

  7. If you need a better routine when it comes to your lifestyle habits (mindset, exercise & food)

What If I Am Pregnant?

The Challenge is still for you! We just make a few small tweaks and give you an alternative workout program that is pregnancy-safe, and you can still experience all the benefits of holistic habit change from the challenge. In fact, starting this during pregnancy is a great idea (better late than never) for continuing healthy lifestyle choices once bub arrives!

What Our Unleash Women Say

“It has made me pay more attention to what I am actually doing during the day and what I am putting in my mouth.”” - Samantha

“I found the booklet ideal for the 21 days. All information, tips, ideas along with online videos were a great plan to follow. Ideal for getting started again after a break and get my mojo back. Keeps you on track and the results show.” - Joanne

“Thanks Leash! This got me into a good routine again after baby! We would go for a walk first and then finish off with the 5 min workout! Soooo awesome! Loved it! Even though those pushups were annoying.. haha” - Kate

“I got into the habit and enjoyed my green smoothies every day. The 5minute workouts were really achievable. On the whole it reminded me to move more and I was conscious of adding more greens to my diet.” - Michelle

“While some days have been harder than others to get on with the challenge, get out walking and eat healthier... your daily reminders are awesome!! With encouragement I have established a better routine in regards to exercise again... and that feels great!!” - Tammy

“Mindset was very helpful and encouraging. I go through them all on my walk every morning…Doing the workouts fairly well. Moving lots more and just doing some basic exercises when I take a break from the office. Using greens in salads and my night meal. Feeling really good. Very thankful for this program.” - Ros

“Honestly I’ve loved the whole thing but probably the most helpful part for me was just having a workout that was all planned out for me every day. I’m usually able to manage diet pretty well, but I’m hopeless at getting proper exercise. Thank you so much Leash. It’s been awesome. - Rebecca

“What I loved about the challenge is it’s actually changing my lifestyle. From someone who doesn’t really care what to eat to someone who nourishes and cares about what I put in my body. Generally I am quite active but just very bad with my food. Thanks Leash for putting this program together. - Eranita

So why not join us for our next group 21 Day Challenge? It could be the exact next step you need to take to think, eat & move better! xx

21 Day Challenge eBook


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The 21 Day Challenge is designed to help you kickstart your holistic, healthy habits through do-able, daily actions so that they become part of your lifestyle. This challenge will help you think, eat and move better, together!

The challenge involves:

  • Daily mantra of truth to kick negative thinking to the curb

  • Daily gratitude tasks

  • Eat more greens guide with recipes and daily ideas

  • Daily accelerator workouts to get your body moving

  • Intermittent fasting to ramp up your results

Additional extras

  • 9 green recipes

  • Green drinks & smoothie guide

  • Access to private Facebook support group

Alisha Christie