5 Ways To Improve Your Digestion


As many health professionals are finding, digestion & gut health is the first place to start for amazing health!

“Digestion is intimately connected to how you feel and function every single day, from your energy level to the fat your burn, from the texture and appearance of your skin, to whether you have a bloated tummy, right down to your mood,” according to Dr Libby Weaver.

Digestion sustains us. It is the process of breaking down food so that we can absorb and utilise it for energy, and to maintain life. Food is simply broken down into smaller components, and through this process absorption takes place which nourishes our cells.

This is something that takes place every day of our lives, often multiple times, so it’s pretty darn important to get it right if we want to experience life at its BEST! Because a happy life is a healthy thriving life.

Get my quick Guide To Great Digestion which takes you through 6 steps to improving your digestion forever. Remember the precursor to great digestion however, is to eat real food, not processed food. Our bodies have the ability to effectively break down and utilise plant-based whole foods, as close to being found in nature as possible, but struggles to digest processed, refined, packaged “foods.” Apply this first as you follow the steps to great digestion & gut health.

I’d love to hear from you once you give them a try and stick to it consistently for a month.

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