7 Helpful Hacks For Fitness Beginners

Getting active is one of the best habits you can form! Trust me, the sooner you start the better, and you’ll thank yourself for it later! Here’s 7 helpful hacks if you are starting out for the first time everrrr, or if its been a long time:



It’s super important to have a strong, healthy reason why you want to be active and healthy (your “why).” Many women will answer this with “I want to look good or be skinny.” But let’s get deeper than that. We've been given this amazing gift called our body. We can’t trade it in; it has to last us our whole lives. So our best bet is to look after it for the precious gift that it is. Having a deeper reason to be active and healthy, such as ‘my body is a gift and a temple and I want to have the ability and energy to live an amazing life,’ or 'I want to have vitality & energy to keep up with my kids,' or 'I want to experience quality of life as I age' will give you the motivation when temptation comes and you feel like being a couch-potato :)


Having a goal to work towards is also super motivating! Pick something that’s challenging but not impossible, write it down and set a deadline when you want to achieve it by. Maybe is to run non-stop for 1 kilometre, or do a push-up on your toes. Do something every day towards achieving the goal, and celebrate it when you get there!


Being active and healthy shouldn’t be something you hate. Choose activities that you enjoy. Maybe it’s bike riding, swimming, or surfing. Going to the gym can be daunting, but once you get into it you may really love the group classes or the thrill of lifting weights. Experiment with different activities until you find something you enjoy.


Having a workout buddy is another great way to enjoy being active and healthy. Most of us ladies love hanging out with our friends, so get one or two of your friends on board and make it something you do together. Maybe you could join a sports team or plan for walks together before or after work, or around the kids' schedule. Knowing you have to meet someone else to exercise can help you actually do it!


If you’re just starting out being active and healthy, there’s no need to jump in the deep end. Start off easy and slowly progress to more difficult activities or longer sessions. This might look like starting with brisk walks before jogging, or doing some gym classes before starting out on your own weights workout. Strive for progress, not perfection.


If you like having someone guide you through something new (whether it’s a new sport, activity or gym-style activity), hiring a coach or personal trainer can really help. Find a qualified trainer in your area, as it’s an investment in your future as you learn how to be active for life with correct training and support.


This step is often missed but oh so important! Celebrate your wins as often as possible! Recognise the progress you’re making and celebrate it. Maybe you’ve stood up on a wave surfing for the first time, or achieved 10 push-ups - whatever it is, take time each week to reflect on your wins, and acknowledge them in some way. Keep a journal, share with someone close to you, or reward yourself in some way. That will keep you going too!

No matter what, remember that you are a precious, unique, and beautiful woman who has unlimited potential and worth! You’ve been given an amazing gift (your body), and the job of taking care of it. Treat yourself with love and kindness, and give yourself the BEST chance of living an amazing, fulfilled life by being active and healthy!