Brave Enough To Believe Your Potential?

You may have heard the saying, ‘Every workout is a war between you and your mind.’ Well, I can testify it’s definitely true!  In fact, our mindset is really the determining factor as to whether we do that workout or not, push ourselves or not, eat that healthier option or not, or try new things outside our comfort zone...or not.


After working with women for several years now, I always knew that food habits would be essential for helping women reach their goals, but I learnt very quickly that mindset habits and self-perception was even more important. Whatever self-talk you allow to repeat over and over in your head, they will become the beliefs you hold about yourself. What did I learn from all these women? Too many of them hold negative, unkind and and toxic beliefs about themselves. One of the questions I often ask in my coaching sessions is, ’If I asked you to list all the things you love, how long would it take for you to mention yourself?'

It’s a sobering question, hey.

I believe self-esteem or self-love comes from a place of certainty in your personal, unique priceless value and potential. For me, it is founded on the Bible’s description of how God views me - His dear, precious child made for unimaginable goodness. What potential I have!

Once we begin to build on that 10 out of 10 view that God has of us, and start believing it ourselves, we can conquer any challenge, and achieve pretty much anything. Why? Because we know our value isn’t based on our performance - it is already set super high, thus we learn to approach everything in life knowing our high value and potential.

One way to build on this positive, grounded self-perception is to find a new challenge, or face a personal fear and crush it.

Last year I met a young mum at a family camp I was running workshops for who has a dream of completing a triathlon, but at the time she hadn’t started training because she wasn’t sure she could do it. She had however, in the previous 12 months, gone from not being able to swim at all to learning to swim and being able to swim multiple laps in one go! Once we worked through some limiting beliefs she held about herself, tapped into her potential, and she started to believe before she ‘saw’ any evidence she could complete the triathlon, she was ready to set a goal and start training as soon as she went home. By the end of the week, the other ladies were calling her the “triathlete” - a beautiful example of support and reinforcing the new belief about herself in order to achieve her goal.

So, what are you waiting for? Start believing you are truly amazing, and then go and pick something to challenge yourself and build your potential!

Here’s a list of ideas of new things to try

  • Active passions: rowing, stand up paddle boarding, kite-surfing, sky-diving, ballroom dancing, roller skating (apparently it’s back in?!), cycling, snowboarding, rock climbing or water-skiing

  • Exercise-related: 10 push-ups on your toes, unassisted pull-ups, back squat 1.5 x your bodyweight, run a marathon or half-marathon, do a triathlon, enter a tough-mudder or similar challenge

  • Other: sign up for an online cooking course, master a new skill such as sewing or gardening, face a fear you have and overcome it!