Secrets To Getting & Staying Motivated [Part Two]

How To Stay Motivated

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When comparing the two, getting motivated is probably easier than staying motivated over the long run. So how can it be done? In Part One of this blog series, one of the five secrets mentioned for getting motivated is once you know your why, you must look at it every day. I'd even go further don't just look at it, say it out loud to yourself and cement it in your mind so it stays with you all day. If you actually do this - daily - your likelihood of staying motivated for longer increases. Remember, if you know your why, you can bear almost any how.

But wait, there's more. I don't know about you, but when I see progress, it motivates me to keep at it. If you don't see progress, it's easy to think your plan isn't working, you're wasting your time and you may as well go back to binging on Outlander episodes rather than making a healthy lunch for the next day and getting to bed early so you will exercise in the morning (I may be speaking to myself here).

Having ways to track your progress is super important to keep your motivation levels up. So what comes to mind when you think of tracking your progress? Let me guess, you said jumping on the scales? There will be a whole other blog on this topic in the future, because there is SO much to say about why weighing yourself as your main way of tracking progress is stupid. Yep, I said it - stupid. Here's the short version: a typical scale doesn't take into account your fat mass, muscle mass, water mass, time of day or time of the month - all of which alter your weight from day to day. Plus, far too often we allow the number on the scale to determine our value and how we feel about ourselves - whether we are 'succeeding or failing' at life. In short, weighing yourself daily is pointless, even detrimental to your motivation levels. If you want to know what's really happening with your weight (fat, muscle and water), use a professional bio scan machine at your local gym or health professional practice.

My top 5 ways to track your progress and stay motivated are:

  1. Body measurements
  2. Progress photos
  3. Energy levels
  4. Sleep patterns
  5. Bio scan for fat & muscle mass

Download the Progress Tracking Tool for how to specifically track each of these areas. The reason I like to have a variety of ways to track my progress is so that I can see the different ways my health and wellbeing is improving. It also allows me to see what areas are not making much progress, and help guide any alterations to my plan or program.

How often should you be tracking progress? Checking in every month is a good amount of time to allow for change to take place, yet not too long to lose motivation between progress checks. Schedule it in for the same week of every month and compare how you've progressed from the previous month, and also from the first check point. 

Finally, be sure to keep checking in with your original goal, the reason for it, and plan. Compare your progress to what you originally set out to achieve. It may take longer or shorter than you thought to accomplish your goal. Whatever the case, once you do, go through the process again of setting a new goal, dreaming a new dream and taking steps daily, weekly and monthly to do it and track it.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your dreams becoming reality as you see the progress (as small as it may be) moving forward. 

Be sure to download the Progress Tracking Tool, track your progress regularly, and celebrate each and every win! Progress is the best motivation to keep going!