Five Hacks For Drinking More Water (especially in Winter)

As we enter the cooler months of the year, it’s a good time to check in with how your water intake is going.

As you know our bodies are made up of over 70% water, so to say “it’s important to drink water daily” is an understatement!

You might be wondering “how much is enough,” though? The best indicator I’ve come across of how much each of us should drink is the little formula that says: drink at least 30ml per kilo of bodyweight per day. So for a person who weighs 65kg, the equation looks like this: 0.035 x 65 = 2.3L per day. If you exercise, however, the going rate is an extra 500ml per 15-20 minutes of exercise.

Many of us commonly experience dehydration, however, because we are so used to sweet, tasty drinks that don’t quench our thirst like water does. Other drinks (even the so-called “natural” ones) have so much rubbish in them - from added, hidden sugars, to foreign chemicals and flavour enhancers, or caffeine - which actually dehydrates you!

The best drink your body thrives on is simple, purified water. Because our taste buds struggle sometimes to enjoy “just water,” spicing things up can help you get your daily quota.

Here’s 5 ways you can use to get creative with your water intake.

  1. Get a reusable water bottle that goes everywhere with you. If it’s clear, you can even mark on it how much you want to drink by a certain time each day, for example, mark ‘9am’ at the top third, 12pm at second third, and 3pm at the bottom.

  2. As soon as you wake up and before you eat, aim to drink 500ml of water. This is a certain way you can easily get your daily quota by smashing a good chunk of it in the first minutes of the day. I aim to do this in the first half an hour upon waking, leaving at least half an hour between when I finish my water, and when I have breakfast. This ensures that my digestive enzymes won’t be diluted by the time I eat my meal.

  3. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon, lime or orange juice to your water. This gives it a fresher taste and can make it more palatable. You can even use certain essential oils - I love adding a drop of peppermint, lemon or orange oil to my drink bottle for the day.

  4. Add ice blocks to make it more refreshing, especially in summer (or keep chilled water in the fridge). To get really fancy, you can freeze ice cubes that you’ve dropped a few mint leaves, cucumber, or berries into so that when you add them to your drink, it adds some flavour.

  5. Infuse your water with fresh fruit & herbs to make it tasty while keeping it healthy: try mint & cucumber, or pineapple, watermelon & mint, or basil & strawberry, or orange & thyme. get creative and come up with your own flavour fusions!

I would LOVE to know what you do and how this blog has helped you get more water in! Would you be up for a 21-day water challenge over winter? Let me know below x

Alisha Christie