7 Ways To Know You Are Due For A Detox


How To Detox Naturally 

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Detoxing has been in the limelight recently, and begs the question, 'Is there anything to it?' In this blog I will briefly cover what detoxing is, 7 ways to know if your body is due for a detox, the benefits of detoxing, and who shouldn't do a detox. You can also download the free Detox Cheat Sheet below to learn how to detox safely and naturally using plant-based foods. 

What Is Detoxing?

According the one of my top favourite natural health organisations, Food Matters, "The concept of detoxification, whether it's done with foods or juices, is that you're allowing your digestive system time to rest and repair while flushing out toxins through the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin." Basically it's like a spring clean on the inside.

The process of detoxification is actually happening on a daily basis in our amazing bodies. However, due to the increasing number of toxins that our bodies come into contact with every day, it is more and more difficult to effectively remove these harmful substances. Toxins are everywhere: in the air we breathe, the foods we eat, the water we drink, and the substances we put on our bodies. The overload these substances exert on our bodies demands the need for regular, intentional detoxing.

7 Ways To Know You Are Due For A Detox 

Here are seven indicators that you are due for a detox:

  1. You have low energy and always feel tired
  2. You suffer from digestive problems
  3. Your hair and skin are not looking and feeling healthy and vibrant
  4. You have some added weight you are carrying even though your diet hasn't significantly changed
  5. You suffer from bloating, constipation or congestion
  6. You often suffer from foggy-brain or frequent headaches
  7. You have noticed an increase in excessive sweating 

Each of these symptoms are signals from your body that things are not functioning as well as they should be, and that it might be time to give your insides a spring clean.

Benefits Of Detoxing

So, is doing a detox program really worth it? Here's some of the amazing benefits that you can experience in just several days:

  • Increased energy levels and vitality
  • Better blood circulation due to the purifying of the liver and kidneys (and therefore, your blood)
  • Elimination of stored waste which often results in weight loss
  • Improved mental alertness
  • Breaking unhealthy food habits and allowing your stomach to reduce to its normal size
  • Breaking your sweet-tooth habit 
  • Better digestive processes due to reducing the acidic environment of your gut

We all know that as soon as you apply any kind of restriction on what we eat, something in us immediately wants to rebel, but trust me, resisting that urge and sticking to a detox plan has great pay-offs!

Who Shouldn't Do A Detox

Although eating and drinking plant-based foods can't really harm anyone, it's recommended that individuals suffering from diabetes, low or high blood pressure, heart conditions, and anyone on medication should consult their doctor before proceeding. Also if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, it's best to wait until breast-feeding is finished before giving your body and digestive system and detox. 

How To Detox Safely & Naturally

There are many detox programs available online and at health retreats globally, some of which will be highly effective and cost you thousands of dollars. However, it is actually possible to do a simple detox without any supplements or other fancy things by simply cutting out all processed foods, animal products and acidic foods for a minimum of three days. My free Detox Cheat Sheet gives you a simple guide explaining how to do it yourself. For a guided and more effective program, check out my 28-day Unleash Detox System that not only provides you with a complete meal plan, but includes exercise and restorative practices for a truly holistic overhaul of your health.

The simple key to an effective detox, however, is the allow your digestive system to rest by reducing the amount of food you're eating, increasing your water intake, and providing your body with heaps of alkalising, plant-based foods that specifically promote elimination of toxins. And in our crazy, polluted, fast-food world, I think we'd all benefit from an internal spring clean!

Why not start simply with downloading the free Detox Cheat Sheet and giving it a go yourself? I'd love to hear how you go with it, so feel free to reach out to me.