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As a promise to you, you will receive the following when signing up to our program: * 3 training sessions per week * Access to our private Facebook group * Group coaching calls * Monthly fitness testing * Member specials for Unleash workshops * Plant-based eating guidelines & recipes * Mindset motivation strategies * Our ongoing support and encouragement Cost of this program is $40 a week for minimum of 12 weeks. These payments will automatically continue after the 12 week period and a 4 week cancellation policy is in place if anytime you wish to cancel. If you do not wish to continue after the 12 weeks, 4 weeks notice is required via email to If Unleash Fit Living takes session breaks (i.e. over holidays) you will not be charged any payments during these weeks. ** Two weeks notice is required to pause your payments when going on holidays. ** Doctors certificates are required to pause payments when injured or require medical attention. Disclaimer: (a) I am physically fit and able to participate in this program; I am in good health and I am unaware of any medical conditions which might make my participation inadvisable. (b) I have no pre-existing physical limitation or condition which may be aggravated or harmed by my participation in this program. (c) I acknowledge my responsibility to acquire and maintain, during the period of each activity, health check ups or medical treatment/advice from a health professional to treat any injury or related to my participation in this program. I acknowledge that my participation in this program carries with a certain risk that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. I understand that the specific risk to can and do vary from one activity to another and that these risks can range from (a) minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, and sprains to (b) major injuries such as joint or back injury, disfigurement, heart related injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, and concussion and (c) catastrophically injuries such as paralysis or death. Release of liability: I, on behalf of myself, heirs, assigns, personal representatives and estates hereby release, forever discharge and convenient not to sue Unleash Clean Eating Fit Living and Alisha Christie for any and all liability from all claims, actions, suits or other proceedings resulting in personal injury, including death, accident, illness or property damage, I may suffer or sustain, regardless of fault, arising from or in connection with, my participation in this program, the equipment used during the activity and the area where the activity took place. * I am over the age of 18 * If I have any injuries or medical condition I will let my trainer aware. * I am 100% responsible for my child/ren when training at Unleash Clean Eating Fit Living * I give permission for my photos and videos of myself to be used on social networking platforms and as a use of advertising and marketing. If I do not wish this to happen, I will notify Alisha via email to