My Clean Eating Philosophy

Imagine believing your body is a precious vessel, carrying the most valuable and unique cargo, and in turn treating it with love, respect and care. 

The following guidelines are based on both current research and study and my personal experience learning to nourish my body over the past ten years. 

This is a lifestyle approach, not a diet regime. These principles will guide you to understand how to provide your body with the best chance at becoming the most perfect version of you. 

The key to ongoing abundant living is CONSISTENCY. It’s not the odd good or bad thing you eat that determines the quality of your health, it’s the choices you make every day. 

If you haven’t started making consistent, daily choices that will nourish and not punish your body, there is no better time to start than now. 

The condensed version of Unleash clean eating is: 
•    Predominantly plant-based eating
•    Follow the 80/20 principle of eating 80% alkaline foods 20% acidic foods
•    Nutrient-dense, organic whole food wherever possible
•    Avoiding processed, refined, artificial or packaged foods
•    Limited animal products all of which are organic, free-range and hormone-free
•    Healthy consumption of good fats (olive oil, coconut oils, avocado, nuts and seeds)
•    Plant-based proteins (nuts, tofu, protein powder, some eggs)
•    Healthy amounts of complex, fibre-rich carbohydrates
•    No refined sugar (hidden sugars include maltose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, sucrose and molasses)
•    Low dairy and gluten consumption (best source of bread is organic sourdough or sprouted breads)

We are what we eat so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.