My Fit Living Philosophy

If you knew who you truly are, you would be blown away at yourself
— Dr Libby Weaver

Our bodies are made to move. Sadly in our day and age many of us are living sedentary lives. I believe we need to take control of our bodies and our health and get active every day to live an abundant life.

My approach to training clients incorporates breathing exercises for optimum oxygenation, dynamic stretching, and a mixture of strength and interval training depending on each person’s specific goals and abilities. 

Each person is at a different point on their journey toward living abundantly, and therefore requires a customised approach to training. I tailor each program to the individual needs of a client, and incorporate strategies to see their fitness, strength and flexibility improve. 

Not only do I empower clients to take control of their exercise, I strongly encourage a clean eating approach to food, and spend time discussing and implementing strategies for optimal healthy eating habits. This is essential to seeing results in your fitness, as food and fitness are inextricably linked.

I spend time with each client developing the right mindset necessary to achieve the results they want. You will only achieve what you believe you are capable of. Once your mindset is correct, what you can physically achieve is limitless!